Data Scraping Helped Boost This Gardening Business

Pearson Landscaping has doubled it's sales in the last year by using data scraping to improve marketing.

Primed For Growth

Jackie Pearson is the owner and founder of Pearson Landscaping. Jackie emailed me about a year ago asking if I could help her business expand by providing leads for new customers. 

Jackie has worked in gardening and landscaping for over 20 years, so she knows her stuff. In the last few years, she has switched from overseeing all the work herself, to hiring and training small teams to go and complete the gardening jobs. 

Her customers are everyday people who want their garden maintained or redesigned. Most of the business is regular maintenance garden work, where they might go and mow the lawn and do any garden maintenance once every week or two. 

In the past, Jackie has relied upon word of mouth recommendations to grow. Jackie provides a great service to her clients, and so she does get a lot of referrals, but there is a limit to how fast she can get new customers this way, and she cannot control where the customers are located. 

Often, Jackie would get a call from a new customer who was quite far away from her existing round, and so if she wanted the business she had to send a team out once a week, and absorb the costs of the travel time and petrol. 

Jackie realised that her gardening teams would be much more efficient if her customers were closer together.  

Marketing Efforts

Jackie needed a way to get new customers in specific areas in a reliable way. That way she could either build rounds for her teams close to existing customers, or expand into new areas. 

After a few marketing experiments, Jackie found that sending letters directly to addresses that she wanted to target was a great way to get new customers. But she needed addresses to send the mail to. 

Jackie contacted to ask if I could provide her with a list of addresses in certain areas, so that she could send her direct mail campaigns out. 

Added Value

After talking to Jackie, we decided to focus on addresses with two criteria:

  • Targeted to specific locations.
  • Affluent households, who are more likely to have large gardens, and to pay for gardening services.

Data Scraping

The Valuation Office Agency has a website that lists all the properties in the UK, along with their council tax band. The council tax band is related to the value of each property. So by scraping data from the Valuation Office Agency website, we can target more affluent households, and we can also target the addresses based on the town name or even the postcode, just what Jackie needed. 

I also checked each address against the Mail Preference Service, a list of people who don't want to receive direct mail letters. I removed those addresses from the data. 

Ongoing Relationship

I initially delivered 10,000 leads to Jackie. This worked fantastically to help her plug the gaps in her client base, so that each day she could schedule her teams much more effectively to complete jobs that are close together, reducing wasted travel time. 

Now, Jackie orders about 2,000 new leads each month. Jackie simply sends me an email to ask for new leads in certain areas, and I deliver the data to her. 

Jackie said "Charlie has impressed me throughout with the work he has done. He always delivers on time, and he's great to work with."

Charlie has impressed me throughout with the work he has done

A Bright Future

Data scraping has given Jackie full control over the marketing of Pearson Landscaping. If she wants more clients in a particular area, she can get them. That's a real asset for her business. 

I am really happy with how things turned out for Pearson Landscaping, and the ongoing relationship with Jackie is great. I expect to continue working together for many years. 

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